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Texans Secondary Woes Continue as Cowboys Pass By Texans 27-13

Last week when the Texans gave up over 420 yards to Donovan McNabb and the Redskins, the preseason worries about the Texans secondary slowly restarted. This week’s loss to Dallas at home now confirms the fears. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys calmly and tactically put up 284 yards in the air for two Roy Williams touchdowns. On the opposite side, the Texans offense sputtered to say the least.

From the get-go, the Texans never got their pass offense going. Foster was able to break a few good runs throughout the game showing his one-cut ability and great field vision, but Matt Schaub’s 241 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions passing did not resemble the Texans we saw the first two weeks, which team that led the NFL in total yards.

The Cowboys offense methodically attacked the Texans on offense throughout the game. Jason Garrett brought the run game attack throughout the first quarter, mixing in Marion Barber’s strength and Felix Jones’ speed into the half. Although no points were scored in the first quarter, the Cowboys began to control the clock and tempo of the game.

Romo got the ball to seven different Cowboy receivers, playing it safe and finding open receivers. By the end of the game, the Cowboys relied on Barber’s hustle to hammer out and finish off the Texans for the win. The Dallas offense capped the win with , including 101 total rushing yards.

The Cowboys defense blitzed at the right time, caused confusion on the Texans’ offensive line and was able to shut down the Texans’ key players. Arian Foster did not score a touchdown on the goal line, Matt Schaub’s offense failed to score three times in the red zone, and Gary Kubiak’s play calling went brilliant to ineffective as the offense never got going.

While the Cowboys middle linebacker Keith Brooking had two penalties on him which gave the Texans opportunities to put points on the board, the Texans did not capitalize but instead ended their chances throwing Brooking an interception the play after he committed a pass interference in the endzone.

Lastly, Spencer played a great game for the Cowboys and proved the Texans offensive line still has miles of work to do before it gets to the level they should be at to protect in Kubiak’s offense.

For the Texans, the defensive secondary was eaten up all day. You know its bad when your safety was a tackle behind the team leader in tackles, meaning the opposing team’s run game and pass game was getting past the front seven to the defensive backfield.

Brice McCain against the Cowboys was treated like Petey Faggins against opposing offenses. He gave up big plays while rookie Kareem Jackson showed improvement but was responsible for Dallas first downs and Texans penalties. And for the Texans’ playmakers, Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans could not get anything going. Williams had put pressure and hits on Romo but did not register a stat.

Ryans only had five tackles with five assists. Bernard Pollard is the Texans’ ballhawk with six tackles and nine assists, but it was truly because the cowboys were moving the ball to the Texans’ secondary with every gain.

Additionally, the Texans offense played an ugly game. Veteran tackle and offensive leader Eric Winston was responsible for three handicapping penalties to the Texans offense.

Foster ended the game with over 100 yards but also had a fumble that closed the door on the Texans. And Matt Schaub couldn’t connect all day with his receivers as he’s done in the past.  He looked bad, and Andre Johnson’s ankle injury limited him and took him out of the game once in the third quarter. Although Kevin Walter registered a touchdown, it was at the end of the game in garbage time.

Overall, the Texans had 33% red zone efficiency and lost the battle of field position, yards (-45), turnovers (-3), and time of possession (-4:40).

The win should teach the Texans a lot about themselves and help them push forward to cure their weaknesses. For next week, The Texans will head to Oakland hoping to take a win back from the Raiders, who beat the Texans in December of 2008.

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6 Responses to “Texans Secondary Woes Continue as Cowboys Pass By Texans 27-13”

  1. TexanTool says:

    What a PATHETIC LOST! From the very top ( coach KooK)to the very buttom,…water boy ….FAIL PTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three games and counting ,…the defense played like PEEWEE tiny league football! Rank DEAD LAST ,…ya all should be ashamed of ya self!!!!!

  2. HcityFan says:

    In a nutshell,…I totally agreed Man! But wait,…more sad news,….check this out!

    game1- vs.Colt (400+yds.GAVE AWAY by defense!
    game2-vs.Redskin (400+yrds again “”defense fall asleep!
    game3-vs Cowdungs (385+yrds again& again”””defense fall into the COMMA dead asleep! Why even bother to play defense anymore, when ya so PATHETIC!Look like the TREND for the whole season!
    game4-vs Oakland Rapers (guess what?) they are going RAPED ya all corner backs again and again, and again! Texans defense are beyond SUCK!!!!!! No word can describe it actually!

  3. by the end of the day, game over,…all the COAHES are responible of the outcome period!
    D coach Frank Bush should start thinking to update his RESUME ASAP!In fact, he should resign or be FIRE ASAP!How was the Texans defense last seaon,…SAME DAMMN THING!(DEAD LAST in three games…there goes the PLAYOFF HOPE) MR. MaCair you should doing about this quickly, and act, before it’s too late again.It’s also fall on coach Kubi shoulder,…act NOW! YOU NEED TO GET TOUGH ON THEM,…that’s ya job! Coach Kubi, you been saying that ya ball club will fix the problem, each of the three games now! Have the problem been solve,… ABSOLULELY NOT!
    we are sick of it,…what will you say next when the RaiderRaper raped ya defense again! Enough is enough! Try to remember that ya job in on the line every season,…the whole city of Houston know that,…in fact the whole world of NFL!

  4. To my beloved Texans & the sorry A$$$$$$$######”””'”””””‘”””!!!!!!!! defense,
    I am thinking to join another NFL team,…couple teams in mine? To all defense players who had played thus far in three games,..ya all over-rated, over-paid, lazy a$$ clowns WHOSE JUST SHOWN UP ON SUNDAY & FELL ASLEEP ON DEFENSE, IN EVERY SINGLE GAMES SO FAR! Start running with motors instead of ya MOUTH from now on! Defense linmens & co.,…NO sack, hardly any preesure,..Romo jersey was so clean he didn’t have to wash it! Ya all need to take a long,long sad looks in the mirror for each individual reflection,…cuz ya all letting the whole city down! all the D & especially K Jackson,..u are the BIGGEST BUST this so far, ya OVERRATED! OVERPAID!BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT so far! We(coah Kubi) need to trade him FAST ASAP, before the world of NFL know whose he really is (A BIG BUST!)than he is really worthless! M.William, A. Smith,Cody,& Obi (whatever ya name is , no one care anyway!)Here’s another lazy group of palyers and this is why,…they shown up in game1 and then the all went to VACATION with the next 2 games,…cuz, they overrated, overpaid, and way under achiever! New name for ya all,….called DEAD-FENSE! my retarded, five years old, step, baby brother can definitely play better than ya all! If ya make the Oakland offense look like super stars, then the playoff dream are disappearing !

  5. houstonFOOLSball
    September 28th, 2010 at 2:33am

    Reailty Check after 3 games

    Overall in only 3 game the Texans DEAD-FENSE gave up 1,106 yds by air thanks to the infamous, lousy, overrated, OVERPAID, PATHETIC DEAD-FENSE backs , dead last in the NFL ranking! Let it be known they are Quin, Macain, Wilson, Pollard and finally the all time greatness #1 pick K. Jackson, OVERRATED, OVERPAID,and way way under achiever! After game1- reaction is ok!(forget & forgive)
    After game 2! Reaction- huh the defense???? ok we won, a nail biter,..bitter-sweet feeling on defense! Game 3( we are sick & tired of the same result!) the Texas Superbowl only ONCE in 4 years! the DEAD-FENSE again shown the true color again, again, and again! The OFF-fense did their part too, but largely because the DEAD-FENSE can’t stop anybody. They did however managed to fell down, and fell asleep through 3 games! At home, sold out crowds, the Texans pay good money for it, in the worst recession of the time,…and that’s the kind of show they (texans)put on for their beloved FANS!PATHETIC X 100 to the tenth power! The game was not even close, NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO WIN IT! Cuz,…DEAD-fense was superb DEAD!And largely, thanks to MIGHTY, FAST,GIFTED, TALENTED #1 K Jaskson & his DB pals!NO MORE EXCUSE WHATEVER! We’ll see what happen at Oakland Rapers!

    Another area of deeply concern, is that Matt QB, is being 11 sacks in 3 games!All offense coachs should take the blame of this mess! Starting with coah KUBIAK, Dennison, Benton, Pollack. If ya all can’t coach well after all this time,update ya resume, move out of the way so some else can coach sucucessfully! There are plenty of prosperts of decent coahes out there! Ya all are making ton of moneys, the dream job that not everyone get the same chances like ya all! It’s quite simple,…whenever we face a top notch defense (that’s a real DEFENSE not like the Texans DEAD-fense!) First, Design a three steps drop or quick release to the receivers/tight ends/backs,…etc.…we should have a ton of those plays handy, read to go,…that’s will take the pressure of the quarter (who isn’t moblie at all,,what kind of Athlete is that anyway, can’t enough run a few yards for the 1st down, hey Matt ,but you play ball all ya life. you will never ever be great QB if ,you can’t use them feets from time to time,…and that’s the fact! Matt ! Second, the Texan have a great RUNNING & PASSING game, why not sure both? You don’t have to be a NASA Rocket scientist to know that,…coah Kubi! Run the DAMMN Ball about 25-33 times a game until the enemy give up. What’s wrong with you,..coah Kubi, you always wanted the ground game, that you have A. Foster,…he been superb in all 3 games and then you just barely use him, PATHETIC is that. What’s a waste of time, effort, good forture, moneys, and talents on your behave! Last, all great coaches are RECREATIVE, KNOW HOW TO ADAPT QUICKLY ACCORDANCE TO THE GAME, and take SMART CHANCES to change to momentum to their favor,….A prime example right now is,…coah PEYON New Orlearn SAINTS for ref. check out the latest SUPERBOWLS, I rest on case! The Cowdungs ain’t that great, really…you coaches got outplayed and outcoaches at CRUNK TIME by the coach Philip , staffs and company! Man up or else History will repeat itself, if we refuse to learn from it!

  6. coachDent says:

    Frank Bush must go (FIRE HIM NOW !!!!!)
    Troy Aikmen alluded several times to the fact that the Texans can’t be doing what they are doing with what they have. He is the first announcer I have heard of that somewhat called Frank Bush out on the carpet, but he did so in a very veiled way. I will not.

    Last year, the Texans were the least blitzing team in the NFL. Last year quarterbacks enjoyed their best games against our defense. This year is no different. We are the salve that cures all ills. The Cowboys can’t get anything going offensively? Romo throws for over 70% and they get their run game going. McNabb threw for less than 50% the previous week and he goes for 400 against us.

    The fact is that Frank Bush brings the most simplistic, base defense in the NFL and if the Texans were to have the services of virtually any other DC, we would have beaten Dallas and we also would have been in the playoffs last year.

    As this blogger pointed out, the texans primarily play a 4-3 Cover 2 shell. but the Texans 4-3 is soft. The linebackers drop too deep, leaving huge underneath lanes for slants, drags and crossing routes. The safeties do not converge on players in their zone when they have no other threats. I love Pollard, but he spent Sunday trying to take everyone’s head off AFTER they had just caught a 30 yard pass.

    The Texans do not disguise their coverages, nor do they disguise their blitzes. The Cowboys slowed the game down and snapped the ball repeatedly with 1-2 seconds on the play clock. Romo went into a Peyton Manning mode and allowed the Texans to line up and show what they were going to do…he then proceeded to call the best play to exploit that defense. Insane.

    The Texans do not bring meaningful pressure. The Texans only brought blitzes to cover gaps and get swallowed up. They rarely bring blitzes to get to the quarterback. For instnace, one of the blitzes yesterday saw DeMeco Ryans walk up to the center. On the snap, Ryans rushed and immediately got swallowed up by the center. what’s the point there? The Texans never bring more rushers than the offense can block. They never sell out with blitzes. They run crappy zone coverages behind them and/or compliment that with poor decisions on technique.

    Roy Williams TD is a perfect example of defensive coordinator ineptitude. Roy Williams had and has one major advantage over Kareem Jackson = SIZE. The one area that Williams can flew his muscles with Jackson is when Jackson plays what kind of coverage? Press coverage…in his face. Williams is not a burner. He is not someone who is going to blow by you. The Texans were bringing fairly significant pressure on the play and nearly got to Romo. Why was Jackson up in Williams’ face? It made no sense. The WR can push the DB at the line of scrimmage and get separation. To be in that kind of coverage with that matchup was ridiculous. AND the Texans showed that right as the Cowboys broke the huddle. Romo surveyed the defense, saw the hideous technique of Jackson, licked his chops and ripped the hearts out of the Texans.

    Frank Bush has more talent on defense than we have ever had before. He is doing less with more. Yes Cushing is not playing for one more game and that will make a difference. Perhaps Bush shows some more aggressive when Cush comes back. ultimately, I was hoping for 2-2 without Cushing, so we are ahead of the curve in my mind with a win in Oakland. But the three performances of the defense thus far are a concern. Early on against Indy was fantastic…aggressive and just what I thought we would be. But in the second half, Bush resorted to his cover 2 base 4-3 crap and I just wanted to vomit. He reminds me of Jim Eddy, the houston Oilers defensive coordinator who gave up a certain lead in Buffalo. Can you guess what defense the Oilers sat in throughout the second half in Buffalo? 4-3…..Cover 2.

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