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Assitant Coach Matthews Leaves Texans for Former Franchise Titans

The Tennesse Titans made rumors reality this week when they hired one of the Houston Texans’ offensive assistant coaches.  The Houston Texans former offensive assistant coach and Hall of Fame Houston Oiler/Tennessee Titan offensive lineman has agreed to a two-year deal to take over the vacant offensive coordinator position with the Tennessee Titans.  The Titans […]

Matthews to Stay with Texans

After visiting with the Dallas Cowboys last week, Houston Texans offensive linemen assistant coach Bruce Matthews will stay with the Texans.  The former Oiler and Titan great said he was convinced to return after talking with head coach Gary Kubiak and Texans owner Bob McNair.  The offensive line has consistently improved, game-by-game, under Matthews since he joined the […]

Offensive Assistant Matthews Has No Comment on Visit to Valley Ranch

The Houston Texans’ offensive assistant, Bruce Matthews, has been the center of rumors regarding the possibility of him leaving the Texans to sign with the Dallas Cowboys to coach under offensive line coach Hudson Houck, who he coached under at the University of Southern California.  Matthews is a legendary Houston offensive lineman who has 14 Pro Bowls on his […]