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Winston, Briggs Speak on Cushing

Last week brought two reports concerning the four-game suspended, Houston Texans OLB Brian Cushing.  First, Yahoo Sports’ The Shutdown Corner spoke with Texans OT Eric Winston, and second, spoke with Chicago Bears OLB Lance Briggs about Cushing’s performance enhancing drug violation and suspension. In Winston’s interview with Doug Farrar of The Shutdown Corner, Winston commented […]

Eric Winston Blogs About Getting Ready for Camp

Two weeks from right now we will have completed our second day of practice. It has been a brutally hot summer, so hopefully we will get a bunch of rain in August to cool things down. Getting ready for camp started already, though. Constant amount of water is being consumed as we speak! Getting ready […]

Eric Winston Blogs About the Rookie Wage Scale

One of the hottest topics this off-season is the possible implementation of a rookie wage scale. To be sure, there are many opinions on this matter, from firm supporters to firm opposition. A lot of people do not even have the complete facts on the issue, including a great amount of players. A website I […]

Texans Eric Winston Updates His Blog

So a friend of mine wanted me to write my next blog on the offensive line, what it means to be an O-Lineman, what it takes, right side compared to left side, etc., but instead I figured I’d save that one and give you guys my thoughts on the current affairs of the Texans. Let […]

Texan Eric Winston Updates His Blog

I am sitting on my couch watching the Canucks v. Blackhawks game. Vancouver is winning the series right now 2-1. My buddy, Ryan Johnson of the Canucks, is playing the best hockey of his life right now and I couldn’t be happier for him. He is the kind of guy who is completely unselfish and […]

Texans OT Eric Winston Updates His Personal Blog

For Easter, my wife, Jenny, and I took our 7-year-old Julie to Sea World in San Antonio. It was kind of cool because we stayed in the same hotel I stayed at with my family when I was a kid. Kind of like I had come full circle with my family, and we had a […]

Texans Give RT Eric Winston a Five-Year Extension

The Texans on the eve of their opener in Pittsburgh, have extended the contract of right tackle Eric Winston.  ESPN is reporting the deal is for five years at $30 mil, with $10 mil in guarantees.  “We are pleased that we were able to agree to terms and sign Eric to this extension,” Texans general […]